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What Is The Standards Leadership Council?

The vision of the Standards Leadership Council is to unite leaders of upstream oil and gas industry standards organizations in a collaborative environment promoting the adoption of open and freely-available standards. The SLC mission is to develop specifications, integrations and connectors that focus on semantics and workflow mappings to harmonize the standards landscape for the benefit of the industry. The SLC conducts public forums around the world to encourage industry participation in standards development and adoption.

PIDX is a Participant in the Standards Leadership Council

In 2012, PIDX Executives met with the Executive leaders from each of the eight standards organizations most crucial to our industry to form the Standards Leadership Council.  Our objectives are simple.

By working collaboratively, we want to:

  • Identify areas of intersection to avoid creating duplicate or conflicting standards.
  • Identify opportunities for synergy, so we can build on our successes together.
  • Better deliver the value proposition message for standards implementation.
  • Ensure maximum member benefits through participation in standards organizations.

Points of Intersection



PIDX in the Big Picture