Conference Materials: The Engine Behind PIDX Brochure and PIDX Brochure Inserts: Benefits for IT Providers, Benefits for Suppliers, Benefits for Operators 


The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

What Lies Ahead by Fadi Kanafani, PIDX 

  • Antitrust 
  • Welcome Back
  • PIDX is YOU
  • Midday Break – Value Criteria Exercise
  • Call to Action
  • Benefits for Participating
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The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

ConocoPhillips’ Drive of Supply Chain Standards for Real Business Value by Nils Svanberg, ConocoPhillips

  • Cautionary Statement
  • Agenda
  • Our industry has an issue…
  • Oil price is pressuring margins – firms are struggling 
  • We have three primary levers to help break the cycle
  • Targeting Clear Opportunities
  • Application of Technology
  • Industry standards facilitate technology solution success
  • Standardization is powerful but not a silver bullet
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The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

Machine Learning and Sensors: How Saving Bits Can Save Billions by Ted Dunning, MapR Technologies

  • Agenda
  • How The Internet Works (quick version)
  • Conservation of Bits Decreases Bandwidth
  • What has changed? Where will it lead?
  • How The Internet Currently Works
  • How The Internet is Going to Work
  • Where Will The $ Go?
  • What We Need
  • How Analytics Works (with pictures)
  • Time For a Recap
  • What We Know So Far…
  • Do We Need All Those Bits?
  • Outline of Requirements
  • Discarding data sounds pretty good (but is it really?)
  • Architecture for Predictive Maintenance
  • The Upshot
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The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

New Analytic Insights Require Modern Technologies; Learn How to Avoid the Traps of Legacy Products by Mike Hoskins, Actian

  • You Can’t Ignore it – We’re in a Down Market
  • Delivering Value in a Down Market
  • Managed Service
  • Actian Today
  • Thank you
  • Disclaimer
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The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

Opportunity to Establish Industry Standard for Supplier Profile Data Elements, Roger Bhalla, ConocoPhillips

  • How well do you know your supply base?
  • How do you fill your supply base knowledge gap?
  • Is there a better way? Standards!
  • Greater Value through Industry Standards
  • How do we get the Standards?
  • Basic Approach
  • Potential Phase 2 – A Shared Data Library
  • Shared Library Benefits to Participants
  • Q&A
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The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

Collecting data from people without compromising PIDX standards, Kristian Kalsing, Winshuttle

  • The Challenge
  • Data issues cause business interruptions
  • Everything is Connected
  • Much data is still collected the hard way
  • Manual processes are flexible but also error-prone
  • Data Management Tax
  • Manual processes do not scale
  • Reduce the Data Management Tax
  • Lean Data Management
  • Referenceable Customer Base
  • About Winshuttle
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The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

PwC Upstream Procurement / Supply Chain Management by Steve Wright and Pete Domanko

  • Agenda
  • About the Study
  • Study Participants
  • Participant Profile
  • Key Overall Findings
  • Strategy and Organization
  • Impact of Resource Plays on E&P Supply Chains
  • Strategic Direction for PSCM
  • Sourcing/P2P
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Spend Analytics
  • Sourcing and Contracting
  • Technology
  • Systems Used
  • Data Governance, Taxonomy/Standards and Tools
  • Supplier Integration and P2P Process
  • Materials Management
  • Inventory Management Metrics
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The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

Addressing O&G Big Data Challenges at the Remote Edge by C. Prasanna Venkatesan, Cisco

  • The growth of Internet of Things in Digital Energy
  • Converged, Managed Network
  • Convergence Delivers Control Over IP
  • Declining Cost of Computation, Storage, and Communications Over Time
  • IoT Requires Distributed Computing
  • Paradigm Shift with Edge Intelligence
  • Digital Energy Requires Distributed Computing
  • Hierarchical Fog Architecture
  • Key Fog Computing Use Cases: Oil & Gas Industry
  • Acknowledgments / Thank You / Questions
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