The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

Halliburton Welcome by Dan Collins, Halliburton

  • Safety Briefing
  • Halliburton & E-Commerce
  • SAP Global Employment 2000
  • First E-Commerce transaction 2003
  • Customers
  • Supplier
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The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

US Spring Conference 2014 by Fadi Kanafani, PIDX

  • PIDX Anti-Trust Statement
  • Standards Development Journey
  • PIDX 2014 Initiatives
  • Welcome New Members
  • How to Get Involved
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The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

eBusiness Standards: Pervasive or Invasive to Innovation? by Sammy Haroon, Baker Hughes

  • Invention Definition
  • Innovation Definition
  • Standardization
  • Commercialization
  • Automation
  • Commoditization
  • Q & A
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The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

Realizing the Benefits of Mobility by Art Chaidez, BP

  • Introduction & Context
  • Mobility Solution Overview
  • Innovation Idea
  • Summary of Benefits, Lesson Learned & Challenges
  • Q&A
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The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

It Pays to be Well Connected: How three oil and gas companies leveraged electronic supplier relationships resulting in dramatically reduced bottom-line costs by Dana Pasquali, Oildex

  • Challenges to eInvoicing
  • How B2B networks solve Operator & Supplier needs and three real-life examples from Oil & gas Operators
  • How Olidex’s solution has overcome eInvoicing challenges
  • Tips for getting the most from eInvoicing
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The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

An Architecture for Systemic Innovation by Doug Reeder, Dell

  • Innovation Defined
  • What we really want
  • Degrees of Innovation
  • Approaches to Innovation Thinking
  • Common Myths of Innovation
  • Framework and Architecture for Systemic Innovation
  • Align management for success
  • Experimentation and risk
  • Foresight: Trends, Signals, directions & exemplars
  • Sample Macro Trends
  • The IT dissonance
  • IT transformation
  • The C Suite perceptions of the CIO
  • The problem with corporate IT
  • Why the dissonance
  • Future of Enterprise
  • Facilitating a culture of innovation
  • Customer Innovation Plan
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The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

Improving Order to Cash Process with PIDX Standards and ETL by Sam Wood, Pinnergy

  • Operating Divisions
  • Issues with Pinnergy’s AR Process
  • Fixing this AR Process
  • Our Reengineered Process Plan: Cut OUT the Unnecessary Steps
  • B2B: Connecting with our Customer’s A/P Systems
  • Electronic approvals vs. hand Signatures
  • Flow of Electronic Approvals
  • e-Invoice
  • ETL Process
  • Order to Cash Process
  • Conclusions
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The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

Building a Strong Foundation for Supplier Finance by Jay Keough, Taulia

  • Taulia Overview
  • Key benefits of a P2P Platform
  • Portal adoption is Key to Success
  • Obstacles to Adoption
  • Adoption & Retention Tips & Tricks
  • Develop a Portal Use Policy
  • Enrollment Results
  • eInvoicing Results
  • Time to change
  • Where the True Value Lies
  • Record Amount of cash Earning Low Returns
  • Suppliers Struggling to stay Afloat
  • Average Time Suppliers are Waiting for Payment
  • Leverage the Inefficiency to Create a Win-Win
  • Dynamic Discounting
  • Various Discounting Tools
  • Procurement Led Dynamic Payment Terms
  • Dynamic Discounting Benefits
  • Discounting Opportunities
  • Case Study-Invoice Volume
  • Funding Flexibility
  • Market Challenges: Macro View
  • Micro View
  • Market Landscape
  • Dynamic Discounting vs. Factoring
  • Pros and Cons of Classic SCF
  • Solution Timeline
  • Benefits
  • Financing for All
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The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

Balance the Supply Value Equation by Aaron Powell, TradeShift

  • The Future is Mobile
  • The World in 2017
  • AP Automation
  • Motivation for AP Automation
  • Why Do AP Automation projects fall short
  • Starting over with a fresh perspective
  • Guiding Vision and Principles
  • Open Flexible Platform
  • Easy Collaboration
  • Capture everything. Electronic and Paper.
  • CloudScan
  • Ensure Clean Data
  • Easy Exception Handling
  • Supplier Registration
  • Financial Solutions
  • Global Platform. Local compliance
  • LATAM Compliance
  • Balanced Value Proposition

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