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The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

PIDX Annual Member Meeting 2014 by Fadi Kanafani, PIDX

  • PIDX Anti-Trust Statement
  • A word of thanks
  • Why Standards?
  • 2014 Directors and Executives
  • A brief look back at last year
  • What to anticipate this coming year
  • Q&A
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The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

Keynote – Industry Parallels: Standardization as an Accelerator by Archana Deskus, Baker Hughes

  • Standards
  • Industry comparisons
  • Banking
  • Telecommunications
  • Aerospace
  • Common industry leader characteristics: Standards
  • Oil & Gas value and driving forces: Standards
  • The Oil & Gas industry
  • What standards can make possible in Oil & Gas
  • Digital standards adoption in the Oil & Gas industry
  • Where do we go from here?
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The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

Transformative Technologies for Improving Cash Flow and Operations in the Oil Patch by Scott Shadrach, Amalto Technologies, Paul Underbrink, and David Schorlemer, Stallion Oilfield Services

  • Agenda
  • Paper based transactions: a major challenge for the industry
  • The CFO perspective
  • Cloud + Mobile: Seamless integration from the field to the office
  • The time for e-technologies in the field is now
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 The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

Frac Your Data: Using PIDX with Customer Portals. Creating Efficiency with Invoicing and Payments for Buyers and Sellers in Oil & Gas by Nate Richards, Entrance

  • Our Agenda Today
  • Frac your dataTM
  • “Disbursement Management”
  • 2014 Drivers in Purchasing in Oil & Gas
  • PIDX + Customer Portals
  • Q&A 
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The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

Leveraging Technology and Standards to Drive Efficiency Globally by Don Hoefer, ADP and Chris Bien, Noble Energy

  • Agenda
  • Challenges with Manual Processes
  • Need for Accounts Payable Automation
  • A Phased Approach
  • Managing the Supplier Enablement Process
  • Migrating Invoices from Paper to Electronic
  • Benefits of Automation
  • Success with Electronic Invoicing Globally
  • Success with eInvoicing and PriceBooks Globally
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Panel Discussion: The Value of Standards in Oil & Gas and other Industries

The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

What the Oil & Gas Industry Can Learn about Applying Standards from Other Industries? by Kurt Nyffeler, Newbold Advisors

  • What can we learn from a few existing standards, both old and new?
  • Commercial International Financial Services
  • Consumer Financial Services
  • Mortgage Industry
  • Retail Industry
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The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

The Best Practices of Cloud Integration by Dave Miller, Covisint

  • The Best practices in integration
  • Travel Service Provider
  • Connected Vehicle
  • How to implement
  • Covisint’s B2B Cloud Platform
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The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

Data Standards in Oil & Gas by Mark Koeppen, Deloitte

  • Business challenges currently impacting data standards in the E&P Marketplace
  • Bottom line improvements can be gained by improving data standards
  • Leading practices to approach data improvement programs
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 The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

A Discussion on Applying Lessons Learned from Other Standards to Smooth the Flow along the PIDX e-Procurement Pipeline by Sebastian Ramirez, Baker Hughes

  • Solution: Learning from extensibility allows for customization without compromising standards for in-progress and complete transactions.
  • We need to integrate with our workflow and systems throughout the e-procurement lifecycle, not just at the defined synch points.
  • Solution: PIDX standard schemas with less rigidity to support in-progress transactions and inter-operability. We need both types of standards, rigid and flexible.
  • I can produce a PIDX invoice, but how do I get a field ticket?
  • Solution: A library to translate PIDX documents from one type to another leveraging W3C XSLT technology
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The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

If standards are the answer, what’s the question? by Dr. Peter Black, Energysys 

  • Energistics on Open Industry Standards
  • The Five Myths
  • Five Design Principles
  • A Different Process
  • Adoption beats Perfection
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The Engine Behind Petroleum eBusiness

PIDX Supplier KPI Project Update by Michael Washington, ConocoPhillips

  • Supplier KPI Project Overview
  • Why Become Involved?
  • Challenges for Operators and Suppliers
  • KPIs being Brought Forward for Standardization
  • Next Steps
  • Q&A
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