Conference Materials: The Engine Behind PIDX Brochure and PIDX Brochure Inserts: Benefits for IT Providers, Benefits for Suppliers, Benefits for Operators 



 PIDX: Strategic Initiatives Committee by Roger Bhalla, Manager Supply Chain Strategy & Technology, Global Contracts & Services, ConocoPhillips 

  • Standards Leadership Council (SLC) 
  • GS1 Highlights
  • GS1 Portfolio Standards for Supply Chain Visibility
  • Potential GS1 – PIDX Collaboration Opportunities
  • Prequalification Data
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 Contemporize project execution in oil and gas by Alberto Matucci, Senior Executive, GE

  • GE overview
  • GE Oil & Gas today
  • GE Oil & Gas projects landscape
  • GE Oil & Gas standardization journey
  • Digital Framework
  • Data-as-a-service
  • GE’s RealTrackTM
  • The RealTrackTM experience
  • Bringing #contemporaryPM to life
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 Accelerating Digital Blueprinting: To Change Paradigm from Porespace to Pipeline by Dr. Robello Samuel, Chief Technical Advisor, Halliburton

  • Oilfield Life Cycle
  • Forward World Energy Trends
  • Upstream Oil and Gas Technology Maturity
  • IoT is One Component of the Expanded Digital Oilfield
  • What has changed now?
  • Areas of IoT
  • Challenge in Optimizing
  • Data Handling Challenges
  • IoT: Rot Eco System
  • Fog computing and DecisionSpace
  • Deep Edge Computing – xFog Framework
  • For More Information & Questions
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 How Prescriptive Analytics Empowers IoT to Reduce Operational Risk, End Breakdowns, and Increase Net Process Output and Profitability by Mike Brooks, President & COO, Mtell

  • Session Description
  • About the Speaker
  • Predictive Analytics & San Diego
  • History
  • Machine Learning
  • What’s Being Challenged
  • Current State of Maintenance
  • What if Change Looked like This
  • The Industrial Resolution
  • Prescriptive Maintenance
  • Algorithms…
  • Change the Strategy
  • Use Agents to Do the Work for You
  • Replace ‘the Best’ of Yesterday’s Technology
  • Eliminate Models, Agents, Rules
  • Making Machines Smart
  • The Internet of Things
  • New Solutions Ask New Questions
  • Training Agents
  • Type of Assets
  • Smart Machines
  • Industry Results
  • Refining Case Study
  • Cast a Wider Net
  • Case Study
  • Smart Machine Results
  • Real Prescriptive Maintenance
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 Enabling Data Driven Intelligence in the Hyper Connected World by Dina Dayal, Global VP, Platform Solutions, SAP

  • The cost of complexity
  • Business complexity in the oil and gas industry
  • User experience complexity in the oil and gas industry
  • IT complexity in the oil and gas industry
  • Key levers to drive down complexity for business, users, and IT
  • Example Work Flow
  • Key Building Blocks for Asset Health
  • The Convergence of Information and Operational Technology
  • An Infrastructure Connects the Enterprise
  • Addressing Customer Challenges – Creating Value
  • IT/OT Integration Examples Creating Value in Oil and Gas
  • Connecting SAP HANA with OSIsoft PI System for real-time enterprise intelligence
  • Empowering People Across the Enterprise
  • SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service
  • SAP Connected Manufacturing
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 Future 2025: Internet of Things and the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry by Tim Morgan, Managing Director, Sullexis

  • Agenda
  • Defining the Internet of Things
  • Why the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry?
  • Ten-Year Future: 2025 and Beyond
  • The Challenges Ahead
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