View the full Project Team Proposal (PTP) for Standards for the Exchange of Hauler, Vehicle, and Driver Records

 1. Proposed Project Team Study Name

Standards for the exchange of fuel hauler, vehicle and driver records.

2. Executive Summary

  • Currently, fuel haulers must certify their company, their vehicles and their drivers for each fuel terminal they lift from in a market, which, quite often, involves providing similar information multiple times, in different formats, to different parties.
  • As there is no agreed structure for the record keeping, sharing of information between stakeholders is difficult and inefficient.
  • In absence of standards for the exchange of these records, there is also much duplication of effort by fuel terminal operators to capture, store, maintain and retrieve these records at the local terminal level – within a network and across operators.
  •  The lack of standards is also a barrier to technical innovation, for instance leveraging biometrics for more robust terminal access control, or automating terminal and driver interfaces. Vendors currently have no guidelines for the development of technologies that would support these innovations.
  • Several PIDX members have expressed interest in establishing common standards for terminal master data records in the past. As this is a vast undertaking, starting with fuel hauler, vehicle and driver records would be a substantial start.
  • This project proposes to lay out standards for the capture, storage and retrieval of fuel hauler, vehicle and driver records for the purpose of exchanging records efficiently between stakeholders.

Anticipated Completion Date: December 31, 2019


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