Updated Regulatory Code List: Current Version 3.18, updated April 19, 2016. 

The Regulatory Work Group has been merged with the Business Processes Work Group due to low activity. Currently, all Regulatory activity is being handled directly by the Business Processes Work Group. If you are a PIDX Member Company representative and you are interested in re-forming and Chairing the Regulatory Work Group, please contact administrative@pidx.org.

Read below for the purpose and structure of the Regulatory Work Group:

  • The purpose of the Regulatory Reporting Work Group is to address standards development activities related to the financial regulatory compliance and reporting requirements established for the petroleum industry by government regulatory agencies. The Work Group also identifies and coordinates liaison relationships with other groups that carry out complementary activities, including the Energistics Regulatory SIG and the [U.S.] Ground Water Protection Council. 
  • The Work Group welcomes participation from interest parties from the PIDX membership to help identify and document financial regulatory agency compliance and reporting requirements, support existing PIDX financial regulatory standards, to maintain liaisons with related groups, and to periodically assess the state of standardization for regulatory compliance and reporting. This can include participants from operators, agencies, and suppliers of products and services. 
  • Our meetings are conducted in full compliance of all national, regional, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances including those of other relevant jurisdictions and subscribing to PIDX’s Antitrust Compliance Guide adhering to PIDX’s policy on Compliance with Antitrust Laws.  General meetings are open to all interested parties, regardless of PIDX Membership Status. 


ANSI X12 EDI Transaction Sets:

TS 867 Production Reporting
TS 185 Royalty Reporting
TS 813 Severance Tax Reporting
TS 820 Electronic Funds Transfer