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Results from the Fall 2015 Round Table Discussion




Re-starting Regulatory Work Group

Purpose of the Work Group is to handle various standards development activities related to the financial regulatory compliance and reporting requirements established for the petroleum industry by government regulatory agencies, including without limitation developing consensus through the ballot process for PIDX and the petroleum industry. The Work Group is also to identify and manage liaison relationships with industry and/or regulatory groups with relevant activities that are either similar or complementary


  • To contribute to and carry out overall PIDX operational strategies regarding financial regulatory compliance and reporting on a global basis.
  • To recruit interested parties from the PIDX membership to participate in the Work Group.
  • To help identify and document financial regulatory compliance and reporting requirements of government agencies globally.
  • To maintain and support existing PIDX financial regulatory standards materials, including EDI transaction sets and reference codes.
  • To maintain liaison with other groups in support of relevant and complementary regulatory activities and standards.
  • To identify financial regulatory compliance and reporting activities that do not have active and current standards to support them and to initiate standards development for these areas.
  • To conduct bi-annual assessments of the state of financial regulatory compliance and reporting standardization.


  • Petroleum industry financial regulatory compliance and reporting standards documents representing legacy and/or newly developed and adopted PIDX standards, including reports, codes, standards, models, and recommended practices.
  • Petroleum industry financial regulatory compliance and reporting draft standards documents developed and made available for review and comment by interested parties prior to their adoption.
  • Communications, activity reports, presentations, plans, and other documents which represent the intentions and status of the work of this Work Group.
  • To promote awareness and understanding of the domestic and international financial regulatory compliance requirements in the petroleum industry which may affect the PIDX Members.