HOUSTON, TEXAS – The Petroleum Industry Data eXchange (PIDX) standards body recently welcomed new Country Ambassador Rose Cook of Miracle Software Systems, Inc., a new PIDX member company who joined earlier this year. Rose will now serve as a PIDX Ambassador in engagements in Latin America and United Arab Emirates. The Country Ambassador Program helps facilitate region-specific engagements aimed to educate, promote and influence the adoption and deployment of PIDX standards.

With over 20 years of sales and management experience, Rose hopes to bring to Oil & Gas her knowledge in providing solution services including application management, business process out-sourcing, cloud integration, enterprise IoT, and EAI/SOA services. She currently serves as the Business Development Manager at Miracle Software Systems.

“My hope is to increase participation by educating, promoting and influencing the adoption and deployment of PIDX standards, and to continue the facilitation of global adoption of eCommerce standards in the Oil & Gas industry,” said Rose of her new role as Country Ambassador.

As an Ambassador from a solutions provider company, learning about PIDX has changed her perspective now when it comes to helping Oil & Gas clients develop and implement eCommerce.

“I believe having a standards body like PIDX plays an important role in Oil & Gas because the upstream and the downstream segments of the Oil & Gas industry sectors operates globally in multitudes of languages, environments and cultures and involve highly complex business processes and practices, which makes the implementation of uniform eCommerce standards so important to the industry.”

As a PIDX Ambassador, Rose will get to be involved in various regional outreach meetings, a complimentary ticket to one of the three conferences the first year of joining, opportunities to network with executives from member companies, and professional recognition as an Ambassador on both her LinkedIn and resume.

“It provides a forum for all industry participants to contribute in the development of business processes and technology standards that facilitate seamless, efficient eCommerce within the petroleum industry and its trading community. I am proud to be a Country Ambassador to promote PIDX standards.”

Countries that have been represented by PIDX Country Ambassadors include the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Indonesia, India, UAE, and the Philippines. PIDX is looking to continue growing their number of Ambassadors in those countries in addition to expanding further into the Europe, Central/South America and Asia regions.

Based in Houston, Texas, PIDX standards serves both the upstream, midstream and downstream segments of the Oil & Gas industry. PIDX is comprised of Oil & Gas industry standards leaders who work together to facilitate eCommerce since 1987, and is committed to continuing the development of technology, information and business process standards that allow the effective and efficient implementation of eCommerce on a global scale.

PIDX holds three conferences annually: the U.S. Fall & Spring conferences and the European conference. The U.S. Fall Conference is October 15th in Houston, Texas.

To learn more about the Ambassador Program or upcoming PIDX conferences, please contact administrative@pidx.org.