We are excited to announce Mr. Chris Lambert as the new PIDX Business Messages Work Group Chair.  Chris is the VP of Technology at Cortex, leading and guiding the evolution of our world-class product suite.

Chris has extensive experience in software and application development, people and project management, and a passion for finding intelligent and efficient solutions to complex challenges. This allows him to confidently oversee the advancement of our electronic invoicing solution. Chris is responsible for the advancement of our core product, including all staffing and technology decisions related to it.  He knows how to motivate a team, and set them up for shared success by developing the right strategies, streamlining processes, allocating resources, and problem solving to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget.  He is currently focused on enhancing DevOps, Software Development and an Agile PMO. 

Previously, Chris’s career has included work in many sectors, including Oil & Gas, Advertising, Medical, and Technology.