PIDX is pleased to announce the Go-Live of a new application from sparesFinder to provide improved usability and search functionality for their Petroleum Industry Data Dictionary (PIDD). The PIDD provides Upstream and Downstream Oil & Gas companies a technical dictionary with over 4,000 structured templates to describe the equipment used by them. As an open standard dictionary it is available to all at no charge and when adopted by operators and service companies it provides them with a common description, which reduces procurement costs and complexity.

Until recently it was difficult for potential users to understand how their description might look when cleaned to the PIDX standard, but the new PIDD Management Application allows both simple free-text searches and more detailed browsing of the dictionary. Part of the new functionality includes the ability to capture, through an automated workflow, potential new items that might need to be added to the dictionary.

As part of this process sparesFinder were able to identify a number of duplicated templates in the PIDD, which were reviewed by the Catalog and Classification workgroup, removed and the PIDD updated to version 5.1 as a result.

Access the PIDD application here

About PIDX

PIDX International is a not for profit organization made up of member companies from the Oil & Gas industry. It standardizes business processes that deal with data exchange between trading partners in their industry. Their list of standards encompasses not just XML schemas, but Best Practices Documents, Business Process Guidelines, Implementation Guides, Industry Code Lists, the Data Dictionary and the Petroleum Industry Glossary. 

About sparesFinder

sparesFinder provides market leading master data management applications, and inventory optimization solutions for large, asset intensive, geographically dispersed companies. Their software is provided fully hosted in the Cloud so the IT hassle is low, the implementation rapid and the costs very competitive.