The PIDX Business Processes Work Group approved the Field Ticket Best Practice Guideline on March 10, 2016 at a special Work Group meeting. This document provides a best practice overview of the field ticket process for operators and suppliers in the upstream oil and gas industry. It will go through a vote in the PIDX Standards & Guidelines Committee and then the Executive Committee for final approval.

With the completion of phase one of the project in sight, it has spearheaded interest to move forward on the best practice recommendations with a pilot project between an operator, supplier and marketplace provider.  This pilot will focus on:

  1. Automating field ticket data capture
  2. Reducing coding errors
  3. Decrease invoice cycle time
  4. Measuring the efficiency pilot

Phase two of the PIDX Business Process Group Field Ticket project provide will focus on additional documentation to address the following areas:

  1. Identifying and mapping field data fields between Operator, Supplier and Market Place provider’s to the PIDX schema
  2. Leveraging The Internet of Things, (IoT) technology to exchange invoice coding, i.e. Operator provides supplier invoice data via IoT that would allow supplier and market place provider to validate coding collected on the field ticket.  This would facilitate process efficiency in these areas:
    1. Reduce in invoice coding errors between supplier and operator
    2. Reduce supplier DSO
    3. Facilitate Field Ticket data capture for unmanned or remote locations
    4. Reduce supplier price issues
    5. Mobility Data Capture

If your organization would like to add to the Field Ticket Best Practice Guideline please reach out to the PIDX Business Processes Work Group Chair James Thompson at We will provide an update at the next PIDX Business Process Work Group meeting, Thursday, March 24, 2016.