HOUSTON, TEXAS – November 7, 2017 – The Petroleum Industry Data eXchange (PIDX) standards body announced today the official relaunch of their Country Ambassador Program. PIDX hopes the increase in participation in their revitalized program would help continue the facilitation of global adoption of eCommerce standards in the oil and gas industry. The Country Ambassador Program will help facilitate region-specific engagements aimed to educate, promote and influence the adoption and deployment of PIDX standards. 

“We rely heavily on the experience, knowledge and time of our Country Ambassadors,” said Lynn Taylor, PIDX International Business Development Committee Chair and Oildex VP of Development. “We work together with them in educating by region, the benefits of using open standards, and those Ambassadors share our belief in the cost-savings the adoption of standards can yield.”

Taylor is one of many committee members who volunteer their industry knowledge, skills and time to help continue the ongoing development and growth of PIDX. Other committee members come from major IOCs, Oilfield Services suppliers and network providers. While all PIDX Country Ambassadors come from diverse professional backgrounds, they all come together and share the same end goal of a more efficient, standardized way of implementing eCommerce. 

“We are in a continuum of facilitating work groups to develop standards that increases efficiency for the oil and gas industry,” said Taylor. “Because we are a majority volunteer-based group, it’s important we can deliver the message to the industry globally through the Country Ambassadors.”

 In addition to meeting key Executives from other PIDX member companies, PIDX Country Ambassadors gain professional industry experience in PIDX outreach meetings. 

Countries that have been represented by PIDX Country Ambassadors include the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Indonesia, India, UAE, and the Philippines. PIDX is looking to continue growing their number of Ambassadors in those countries in addition to expanding further into the Europe, Central/South America and Asia regions. For more information on the criteria to join the PIDX Country Ambassador Program, please contact administrative@pidx.org.


Based in Houston, Texas, PIDX standards serves both the upstream and downstream segments of the oil and gas industry. PIDX is comprised of oil and gas industry standards leaders who work together to facilitate eCommerce since 1987, and is committed to continuing the development of technology, information and business process standards that allow the effective and efficient implementation of eCommerce on a global scale. To learn more, please visit www.pidx.org.