PIDX International standardizes business processes that deal with data exchange between trading partners in the Oil & Gas business. Our list of standards encompasses not just XML schemas, but Best Practices Documents, Business Process Guidelines, Implementation Guides, Industry Code Lists, the Data Dictionary and the Petroleum Industry Glossary.

NOTE: Many of our standards work together as a bundled set.  See our schemas page for more information. We recommend using the latest bundled schema, PIDX v1.61, and all standards in the list below are compatible with that release.

  • Downstream Codes Product and Company codes for Downstream trading partners
  • Field Ticket  Service delivery (as opposed to materials delivery) for Upstream, including Field Ticket Response
  • Invoice  Invoicing for goods and services, including Invoice Response and Invoice Cancellation
  • Payment  Billing and payment, including Remittance Advice
  • Petroleum Industry Data Dictionary (PIDD)  Facilitates the use of standardised data, and holds over 4,100 templates mapped to UNSPSC. Each template follows the recognised protocol of Noun, Modifier and attributes
  • Petroleum Industry Glossary (PIG)
  • Price Sheet  Procurement and Pricing for Upstream
  • Purchase Order  Request for goods and services, including Quote, Order Create, Order Change, Order Response
  • Shipping  The delivery and transportation of goods (not services), including Bill of Lading, Receipts, Pipeline, Advanced Ship Notice
  • Prequalification Supplier Registration and Pre-Qualification Data 
  • Transfer Protocol  Security and transmission of system-to-system messaging, including RNIF, AS2, Web Services, and Rosetta Net Standard 

Please note:  If you are searching for a standard that isn’t on this list, please check our standards website directory: