On June 9, 2016, Oil and Gas professionals convened at the PIDX US Spring Global Energy Standards Conference held at Weatherford in Houston, Texas.  Sponsored by Weatherford, the conference “Address eBusiness Opportunities to Cross the Supplier and Buyer Threshold – A Costly and Unnecessary Boundary” focused on how e-Commerce save companies’ money, increase efficiency, and how to leverage staff talent to do more.  The keynote speaker, Steve Green, global account executive of Weatherford, presented a historical look back at stumbles and successes of eCommerce in the oil and gas eBusiness in his presentation “B2B Gold Rush –  A look back”.

Other thought leaders from ConocoPhillips, Chevron, Cortex, ECCMA, sparesFinder, and BP delivered presentations on current challenges in the industry, how PIDX standards help supply chain processes, and opportunities in both Procure to Pay (P2P) and Order to Cash (O2C).  The conference provided an overview of the various facets impacting the business process to include electronic field ticket, contracts, and automatic price validation.  One attendee remarked, “Excellent range of subjects and ideas.  Great to hear what other companies are doing in non-competitive, non-judgmental venue.”

Conference attendees were able to participate in roundtable discussions and work sessions, attend the evening networking reception sponsored by Oildex at Café Annie, and visit with exhibitors such as Actian, 8over8, Global Value Web and more.  The conference recognized the role that suppliers and buyers play in bringing innovative solutions to the industry.  It demonstrated how eBusiness adoption can reduce costs and improve business efficiency.