Houston, TX – February 26, 2019 – Petroleum Industry Data Exchange, Inc. (PIDX), the global nonprofit organization that facilitates the development of eBusiness standards within the oil and gas industry, announced today that Stephanie Waters of Chevron has been appointed President. 

“Stephanie is a proven innovator with a longstanding commitment to the advancement of emerging technologies. We are excited that she will be bringing her strategic vision and versatile leadership to PIDX,” said Chris Welsh, Chairman of the PIDX Board of Directors.

As President, Waters will be the figure head for PIDX and she will implement the strategic decisions of the Board and provide ongoing leadership and direction of the PIDX committees and project teams. “I am honored to take on this leadership role at PIDX as we work to promote digital collaboration and drive commercial process efficiency,” Waters said. “PIDX is committed to leading digital change, embracing new technologies and removing roadblocks. By focusing on the customer, developing standards and maturing capabilities, PIDX can help the oil and gas industry increase the speed of delivery to meet market demands and fully harness the power of emerging technologies.”

Waters will continue to serve as the Procurement/Supply Chain Enablement Manager at Chevron, where she has enabled a culture shift to focus on the end users through the use of digital concepts and agile methodologies. During her tenure at Chevron, spanning more than twenty years, she has implemented and deployed many digital change initiatives as well as served as Chair of the IT Oil and Gas Benchmark Group.

About PIDX International
Based in Houston, Texas, PIDX develops standards that serve all of the upstream, midstream and downstream segments of the oil & gas industry. PIDX is comprised of global oil & gas industry leaders who have worked together to facilitate eCommerce since 1987. PIDX is committed to continuing the development of technology, information and business process standards that allow the effective and efficient implementation of eCommerce on a global scale. PIDX’s website is available at www.pidx.org

To learn more about PIDX, the PIDX Ambassador program or upcoming PIDX conferences, please contact kgremillion@pidx.org.