PIDX and its Members play an important leadership role in developing eBusiness standards for the oil and gas industry. Like many not-for-profit organizations, PIDX relies on Membership dues and Member volunteers as resources to achieve its mission.

The Value Proposition for PIDX Membership

The Business Case - “PIDX is a resource for your eBusiness team”
Developing better ‘industry friendly’ standards through collaboration
Networking at PIDX
PIDX’s Anti-Trust Position and its Rules for Collaboration
Finally, Why Membership in PIDX?


The following points outline the business case for Membership and participation in this open standards community:

  • PIDX Members influence the direction of open data exchange standards developments, ensuring that their viewpoint is represented and their needs are considered.
  • PIDX Member collaboration helps to ensure solutions meet industry needs and encourages the sharing of risks and rewards, in a non-core area, with standards providing an alternative to costly, “one-off” solutions.
  • PIDX Members demonstrate leadership through their investment in and adoption of open eBusiness standards, which benefits individual Members as well as the entire industry.
  • PIDX Members gain valuable business intelligence about new technologies and can develop extensive professional networks of peers and colleagues that benefit their organizations.
  • PIDX provides the anti-trust framework within which open eBusiness standards can be developed collaboratively.