The mission of the Global Business Practices workgroup is to develop and document best practices for global eBusiness by capturing, aggregating and publishing country-specific best practices and information from PIDX standards practitioners. We are motivated by challenges encountered while implementing e-Business in the global market, and the variations in legal, fiscal and business practices between countries. Our group believes this work creates a cornerstone for PIDX International’s global growth.

Our meetings are conducted in full compliance of all national, regional, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances including those of other relevant jurisdictions and subscribing to PIDX’s Antitrust Compliance Guide adhering to PIDX’s policy on Compliance with Antitrust Laws. General meetings are open to all interested parties, regardless of PIDX Membership Status. 

Where we fit in the picture with a few of the other PIDX Workgroups:

The templates are currently in MS Word document format, and through our LinkedIn group we are requesting the industry community to re-validate if the template is still fit for purpose, or if more or different data elements are required. The Workgroup was proposed in the 4th Qtr. 2005, held its first meeting in March 2006 in Paris and has held virtual meetings thereafter, a country template was defined and the first three countries were completed by Dec 2006. Country templates have been added sporadically ever since. Today, we have accumulated approximately 20 countries, unfortunately most of these are in need of a review and will need updating and/or the addition of more detail. When the reviews have taken place they will be visible soon on this PIDX website.

Current Blank Country Template – Click here

The workgroup is small today, but passionate that knowledge about how to implement eBusiness in many international countries is poorly understood. We also believe this information is not a competitive advantage between companies in our industry and should be shared. If you feel the same and either are encountering a problem in a certain part of the world, or have recently started an eBusiness initiative internationally and are willing to share some of your lessons learned from that country, then please contact us.

 Exciting News

A PIDX Member has made a significant donation of information to this workgroup, in advance of joining in January 2014.  TrustWeaver provides on-demand solutions for e-signatures, time-stamping, archiving and invoice content enabling companies to be 100% certain that their e-Invoices and other critical e-documents will be recognized as complete, authentic and unchanged by both courts and authorities. TrustWeaver monitors the mind-bogglingly complex matrix of ever- changing laws and business rules governing digitization of legally vital documents as a service to their customers.


They have allowed PIDX to take their country summaries from their major white paper and split them into easy to refer to individual countries. Their white paper is meant for tax and invoice process managers who need to take critical investment or design decisions for the cost-effective compliance of an e-invoicing system. Vendors of software or services facilitating the issuing, receipt or archiving of invoices can also benefit from this white paper. While this document aims to avoid tax, legal and IT technical jargon and abbreviations without prior explanation, some basic knowledge of business processes, typical legal structures of multinational companies, business information systems, tax compliance and Internet-related technologies is required.

Having reviewed the document the PIDX Global Business Practices WorkGroup Chairperson urges readers to first read the introduction to understand the approach taken and the ‘thermometer’ scales used in each country section.

Additionally, the reader should note that due to the special situation of the European Union, its relevant tax directives, etc. with its 28 countries, TrustWeaver has its own EU introduction and then all EU countries are in one EU file.  Also there is an Introduction to the Latin American region.

TrustWeaver have also promised to supply PIDX with new countries as they are released, and any updates the make to existing countries.

Click on shaded area for a country specific template

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Workgroup Chairperson: Michael Lanier (