We’re building Field Ticketing standards to improve efficiency and profits across the Oil & Gas industry, and we need your feedback.

If you are an Operator, Supplier, or Service Provider who regularly uses Field Ticketing in your business, spend a few minutes filling out our survey so that we know what is important to your business, and what kinds of standards would best suit the needs of the industry. Access the Field Ticketing Survey HERE

CLICK HERE to view our Field Ticket Best Practices Guideline.


The purpose of phase 1 of the Field Ticket Project is to document industry best practices for implementation of the field ticket process for operators and suppliers in the upstream oil and gas industry in order to increase adoption of the PIDX Field Ticket Standard.

Problem Statement

  • Today our industry is faced with manual, paper-based and legacy processes
  • Massive amounts of transactional volumes of supplier activity
  • Unnecessary of the supplier driving to/from field offices
  • Overpayment/coding errors (joint venture audit issues, adjustments)
  • Lack of real-time knowledge of activities or expenditures

The PIDX Field Ticket Project is sponsored by ConocoPhillips.


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