Houston, TX – The Petroleum Industry Data Exchange, Inc. (PIDX) announced today that ExxonMobil has joined the organization as a member.  As a member of PIDX, ExxonMobil will now be able to help drive the agenda for the development of PIDX standards to meet the digital integration needs of all buyers, suppliers and eCommerce Networks in the Oil & Gas Industry. 

“Digital Transformation and Interoperability is on the immediate agenda of all companies in Oil & Gas,” said Chris Welsh, Chairman of PIDX Board. “PIDX International welcomes ExxonMobil as a member and looks forward to its contribution in developing a new wave of standards required to support the industry.” 

PIDX is an “enabler” of discussions wherever there is interest or energy within the oil and gas industry for new electronic business opportunities to facilitate industry wide solutions or standards. 

“The digital era presents a growing opportunity to make the exchange of information with our customers and our supply exchange partners more efficient,” said Marc Lalonde, Digital Transformation Order Fulfillment Fuel Lead at ExxonMobil. “Indeed, digitization is now ground zero for the optimization of most, if not all business processes.” 

PIDX as a platform is able to capture and facilitate whatever electronic business initiatives arise from its members that need a proper legal and anti-trust framework to govern cooperation and collaboration between member companies. 

 “At ExxonMobil we recognize the value of an industry trade association like PIDX in developing and promoting industry standards and protocols as the backbone for the exchange of information” said Lalonde.  “We are proud to announce we have now joined PIDX and look forward to making a useful contribution in helping shape these standards and protocols for the future.”   

Benefits of membership for ExxonMobil includes participation on the Executive Committee, opportunities to sponsor projects, help steer the direction of PIDX, and contribute to lasting Oil & Gas standards. 

About PIDX

Based in Houston, Texas, PIDX standards serves both the upstream, midstream and downstream segments of the Oil & Gas industry. PIDX is comprised of Oil & Gas industry standards leaders who work together to facilitate eCommerce since 1987, and is committed to continuing the development of technology, information and business process standards that allow the effective and efficient implementation of eCommerce on a global scale.

PIDX holds three conferences annually: the U.S. Fall & Spring conferences and the European conference.  The U.S. Fall Conference is October 15th in Houston, Texas.

To learn more about the Ambassador program or upcoming PIDX conferences, please contact administrative@pidx.org.



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