Hakan Sarbanoglu

Hakan Sarbanoglu - PIDX Executive At Large

Chevron, Enterprise Information Architect, IT Tech Expert – Information Management

Hakan Sarbanoglu holds a PhD on Geographical Information Systems (GIS). His career started with a 10 years’ tenure in a Defense Mapping Agency with digital solution design and development roles and he established their first GIS department. He joined Shell in 1991, taking GIS expert and technology management roles in Turkey, Egypt, Norway and finally 8 years in London where he was the technical head of a global program of federated information systems across Shell. The resulting Data Warehouse and MDM Automation software led to a spin-off software company (Kalido) in 2005 where Hakan held the Chief Solutions Architect position until 2008. He then joined Chevron as their Business Unit Architect in California. He led the digital transformations of Chevron’s Upstream Business Units in California and Kazakhstan and designed many solutions until 2015, when he moved to Chevron Headquarters in Houston as an Upstream Enterprise Architect. Hakan was recently assigned as Chevron’s Enterprise Information Architect aiming to define and harmonize future Information Architectures and Integration across the Chevron Enterprise in 2017.

Email: hakan.sarbanoglu@chevron.com


Lisa Rotunno – PIDX Chairperson of Conference Committee

Schneider Electric, Senior Manager, TABS Global Implementation and Support

As a born and bred Texan, Lisa earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Texas Tech University in 1985 and joined Mobil Oil that same year as an accountant. She held various accounting positions until she moved to IT as an Information Architect focusing on the development of new business systems. In 1997, she joined Koch Industries as an Electronic Commerce Coordinator/Business Systems Analyst where her focus was to drive the use of electronic communication to streamline and enhance business processes. In 2000, she joined General Electric as the Product Manager for the GE PetroDex product family (PetroEx, TABS, RECON) where she remained until the product and she were acquired by DTN (now owned by Schneider Electric) in 2002.  Lisa continues to champion the product suite at Schneider Electric where she is currently focused on the customers and the continued growth and success of TABS globally.  She has been a participating member of PIDX for 24 years where she has held many positions.  She is currently serving as the Global Downstream Chairperson.

Email: lisa.rotunno@telventdtn.com

Lynn Taylor

Lynn Taylor – PIDX Chairperson of International Business Development Committee

Oildex, Vice President, Development

Lynn Taylor is the Vice President, Architecture & Infrastructure at Oildex, a provider of cloud-based solutions for oil and gas financial supply chain automation.  In this role, she manages the product architecture, user experience, release management as well as production and development operations and infrastructure.

Prior to her career at Oildex, Ms. Taylor was Vice President, Product Development at ADP where she oversaw the product development, QA and architecture as well as infrastructure and operations for the Procure-to-Pay and MasterTax product suites with a staff of approximately 100 team members in Calgary, AB, Chandler, AZ and Hyderabad, India.

Before joining ADP, Ms. Taylor oversaw the technical vision and development of the product suite at DO2 Technologies, Inc. Lynn began her 20 year career as a software developer for various companies, including Digital Oilfield Inc., Landmark Graphics, Munro Garrett International, and Munro Engineering Inc. 

Email: lynn.taylor@oildex.com

 Joel Leetzow

Joel Leetzow - PIDX Chairperson of Marketing Committee

Cortex Business Solutions, President and CEO

Joel Leetzow is the President and CEO of Cortex Business Solutions (TSXV.CBX), leading the company’s transition from a primarily Oil & Gas services company into a powerful international e-invoicing player. His leadership, strategic vision, and passion for results enable both the team and customers to achieve success. In this role, Joel is focused on advancing the development of service offerings, new market expansion, and managing key client relationships.

Joel has always been inspired by the process of empowering a brilliant idea, taking it to market, and seeing industries and lives change as a result. He credits his time in the US ARMY as a Drill Sergeant for helping prepare him with the drive and tenacity that has powered his over 25 years of business leadership, 15 of which include Board of Director roles. 

Prior to joining Cortex, Joel led numerous other technology-based initiatives across North America including EVCOR Atlanta, Kewill, Scancode, and Descartes Systems Group. He was also Co-Founder of the software development company Pulse One SGI, developing .Net products for logistics and supply chain management. Joel continues his immersion in technology, environmental, and educational causes and pursues opportunities within the community to cultivate innovation that contributes to a better society.

Email: jleetzow@cortex.net

Ralph Weimann – PIDX Chairperson of Membership Committee

BP, Business Delivery Lead Terminal Communications

Mr. Weimann is currently employed by BP, which he joined in 1997 after working in various professions.  Within BP, Mr. Weimann has held various roles spanning from IT&S ERP to Business Information Management roles.  Since 2008, he has lead BP’s global SAP rollout covering Terminal Communication as Business Delivery Lead.

Email: ralph.weimann@de.bp.com

Marc Battistello

Marc Battistello - PIDX Chairperson of Standards & Guidelines Committee

Baker Hughes, a GE Company, Sr Director – Enterprise Application Engineering

Marc Battistello is a senior director in the Engineering Digital Technology group. Marc has 17 years experience leading technical projects in across a variety of industries including Aerospace, Energy, and Oil & Gas. He has held a diverse set of roles including Design Engineer, AP/AR Shared Services ERP leader, and Simplification Leader.  In his current role, he leads IT projects focused on enabling commercial and operational excellence.

Email: marc.battistello@bhge.com

Darren EBanks

Darren Ebanks, PIDX Executive At Large

Schlumberger, Business Process Architect – eCommerce & Invoicing

Darren Ebanks is a recognized expert in Electronic Commerce, Electronic Data Interchange and Business Process Development. He has been an active member of PIDX for over 27 years and has been the Chair of many subcommittees in the areas of Education, Promotion, Purchasing and participated in many others (including the development of the current XML standards). In addition, he has held many Executive Committee positions (including the Vice Chair of the organization).

As a Schlumberger Business Process Architect in eCommerce and Invoicing, Darren Ebanks uses technology as a tool to meet the demanding market and never as a replacement for good business practices. Crafting business processes to realize tangible monetary benefits for his organization and customers is his mantra.

Email: ebanks1@slb.com