Date(s) - 27/02/2020
9:30 am - 11:00 am (Central)


Title: PIDX Business Messages Work Group (BMWG) + JSON/REST Pilot Working Session

Frequency: Monthly

Description: The PIDX Business Messages Work Group (BMWG) establishes usage guidelines for approve Transaction, Routing and Packaging (TRP) protocols used in the transmission of PIDX standards between trading partners. Additionally, BMWG provides technical support with regard to XSD schema development and maintenance to the Standards and Guidelines (S&G) Committee and other Work Groups and Project Teams. Key deliverables include XML schema development and maintenance, maintenance of implementation guidelines, usage guidelines, analysis, and recommendation for adoption of new TRP protocols, and liaison with other groups with regard to emerging technologies relevant to PIDX.

This meeting will include a working session of the PIDX JSON/REST Project Team.

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