Global e-Invoicing Compliance by Christiaan van der Valk, TrustWeaver

  • Why VAT is Critical to Public Finance
  • Invoice Controls – Main Categories
  • Ex Post Systems
  • Long Term Auditability
  • Business Controls-Based Audit Trails
  • Long Term Verifiable Signatures
  • EDI Compliance Option
  • Clearance Systems
  • Black & White Compliance
  • Basic Clearance Features
  • Advanced Clearance Features
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Using Supplier Profiling to Reduce Cost and Risk by Steve Johnson, Simply Joined Consulting

  • Introduction 
  • Internal Supply Chains
  • Industry Supply Chains
  • Procurement Targeting: How We See Suppliers
  • Procurement Targeting: How Suppliers See Us
  • Risk Profiling
  • Supplier Profiling Strategies
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PIDX Supplier KPI Project Update by Michael Washington, Conocophillips and Daryl Fullerton, Actian Corporation

  • Supplier KPI Project Overview 
  • Industry –Current State of SPM
  • Supplier KPI Data Dictionary Update
  • Work Group Meeting Outcomes Houston May 14th
  • Challenges for Operators and Suppliers
  • Work Group Meeting Outcomes London May 27th
  • KPIs to Standardize
  • Common Global KPIs – Ver 1 (May 27th)
  • Why Become Involved?
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