The purpose of the Catalogue and Classification Work Group is to promote the use and development of the PIDX open standard dictionaries, taxonomy and schema, developed by the industry for the industry to classify and describe products, services and industry definitions.  

Our meetings are conducted in full compliance of all national, regional, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances including those of other relevant jurisdictions and subscribing to PIDX’s Antitrust Compliance Guide adhering to PIDX’s policy on Compliance with Antitrust Laws. General meetings are open to all interested parties, regardless of PIDX Membership Status. 

The Petroleum Industry Data Dictionary (PIDD) has over 4,100 templates made up with a Noun:Modifier (think Bearing:Ball) and related attributes (such as inside and outside diameter). These templates, mapped to version 10.0501 UNSPSC, have been built up by the industry for the industry over many years of collaboration.

The templates are hosted on sparesFinder’s Masterpiece software. Access is free, you will need to register to gain access. You are permitted to make recommendations and suggest improvements, and additions to keep the templates up to date. The following chart was developed by the Work Group a number of years ago and is being used until the review-approval process has been completed.

PIDD Access has arrived! Check it out at

If you have any questions about its use, please contact Tom Cave  (


The Petroleum Industry Glossary ( P.I.G. ) 

The glossary captures a vast array of industry specific terminology and is a particularly useful reference source that is continuously developing. Please feel free to make suggestions for additions. 

Access to the P.I.G. is here    Search through the document can be effected by using ‘Control f’ on your keyboard 

Work Group Chairperson:  Tom Cave  (

Work Group Vice Chairpersons(s): Jeff Ernest ( 

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