The purpose of the Business Processes Work Group is to determine which aspects of Procure to Pay (P2P) and Order Fulfillment require business process guidelines. These guidelines assist in the development of PIDX business messaging to ensure technical alignment and consensus around a standard. We believe that adherence to standard business processes promotes efficiency in e-Business, and we seek to promote these standards globally.

The Work Group has developed e-business guidelines for invoicing, purchasing, supplier price sheets, field tickets and many other aspects of the Quote to Cash cycle. We encourage involvement by buyers, suppliers, network providers and others to make sure all viewpoints are considered.   

Our meetings are conducted in full compliance of all national, regional, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances including those of other relevant jurisdictions and subscribing to PIDX’s Antitrust Compliance Guide adhering to PIDX’s policy on Compliance with Antitrust Laws. General meetings are open to all interested parties, regardless of PIDX Membership Status. 

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ANSI X12 EDI Transaction Sets:

TS 867 Production Reporting
TS 185 Royalty Reporting
TS 813 Severance Tax Reporting
TS 820 Electronic Funds Transfer 

Reference Data Codes: Current Version 3.14, updated June 2011

Petroleum Bill/Invoice Type (PIT)
Petroleum Land Category (PLC)
Petroleum Lease Status (PLS)
Petroleum Product Disposition (PPD)
Petroleum Product Point-of-Sale (PPP)
Petroleum Product Selling Arrangement (PPS)
Petroleum Product Value Adjustment (PPV)
Petroleum Quantity Allocations (PQA)
Petroleum Royalty Adjustment (PRA)
Petroleum Royalty Calculation Method (PRC)
Petroleum Regulatory Report (PRR)
Petroleum Royalty Transaction (PRT)
Petroleum Well Classification Status (PWS)
Petroleum Well Shut-in Reason (PWR)
Petroleum Well Action (PWA)
Petroleum Well Test Information (PWT) 

Work Group Chair: James Thompson (

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Notice: The Draft Standard, “Field Ticket Process Business Process Guideline (BPW),”  prepared by Standards Project Team (SPT) 02a: Field Ticket Response Schema, will be going to ballot to the PIDX Members in October 2019.

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