At PIDX, we know that a supplier’s customer relationships are the most important facet of their business. And we also know that a PIDX membership can help you to realize quantifiable business efficiencies and better alignment with your customer’s operations and business processes through the usage of PIDX industry standards. In fact, PIDX delivers a complete set of critical business standards covering the entire procure-to-pay process.

PIDX can help you build better relationships with your customers, and with the adoption of these standards, provide mutually beneficial reductions in transaction costs for suppliers and their customers. In addition, you’ll gain access to all of the knowledge resources of the PIDX community, while having a say in the future development of PIDX standards.

How PIDX Works

PIDX has developed and maintained a comprehensive set of standards for all data documents. All material is sent to the customer within an “electronic envelope” that enables the customer to have all material in one place. The customer reduces costs by utilizing fewer resources to process transactions and then you get paid closer to contract terms.

By joining PIDX and using PIDX standards, you will:

  • Reduce implementation time for deploying an eProcurement solution
  • Reduce the time and effort to add new customers
  • Transmit and receive XML and EDI electronic documents, leveraging internet-based connectivity
  • Gain access to the latest security and encryption technology
  • Verify receipt of invoices through delivery acknowledgement 

In, the last three years, the number of oil companies requiring electronic transactions as a requirement to bid on their contracts has increased substantially.  Those suppliers who do not leverage the power of PIDX standards to build their competitive advantage run the risk of being left behind.


 “The proliferation of divergent business processes and standards is grossly inefficient and unsustainable for the industry. Instead we are able to leverage PIDX to maintain a single standardized, cost-effective, procure-to-pay process and to have a voice in building these standards. PIDX membership is a key communication avenue to build effective rapport with our customers, and gain insight into the future direction of this growing global industry.” 
Charles Currie, Vice President Marketing and Sales Systems, Schlumberger


An Open Invitation to Suppliers

A Global Forum PIDX provides a global forum that facilitates the development of electronic commerce business standards within the petroleum industry. By enabling IT system interoperability we improve the efficiency, effectiveness and value of the information management and continue to reduce costs and time-intensive processes including:

  • Business Messaging
  • Electronic Field Ticketing
  • Electronic Invoicing
  • Electronic Data Exchange
  • Global Business Practices
  • Safety Data Reporting
  • Product and Services Classification

And PIDX is expanding—we are a true global standards setting body. We have made demonstrable progress in Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America and are continuing to expand to new regions. Our Global Business Practices Work Group is now capturing and aggregating country-specific best practices published in Country Profiles. 

A Support System

PIDX gives you the opportunity to pilot PIDX standards with your customers through a “hands-on” mutually supportive experience that will give you knowledge of new technologies, processes and procedures in eCommerce.  The shared experiences and lessons learned in conducting pilots have led to many successful customer relationships and implementations of the PIDX standards.

As a member you’ll also have valuable opportunities to network with peers and potential clients, increasing the visibility of your business. These opportunities include attending the PIDX conferences and unlimited participation in all PIDX work groups and project teams. You will have a voice in setting the standards for the industry.

PIDX members derive valuable benefits from the guidance and advice they receive, the business relationships they develop, and the work they perform toward the shared goal of creating seamless, industry-wide electronic business communication. PIDX membership affords your company important opportunities to learn, influence and network.