Keynote: Digital Disruption in Oil and Gas by James P. Brady, Vice President Architecture & Governance, Schlumberger IT

  • Industry Outlook
  • Revolutions | From Muscle to Mind
  • Think New, Act New – Industry Transformation
  • Agile Design to Deployment to Adoption
  • Digital Needs Organizational Enablement
  • Digital Needs a Business Relevant Eco System Internal
  • Frac Pump Reliability Improvement
  • Digitally Enhanced Safe Driving
  • Asset Tracking for Operational Efficiency
  • Digital Needs a Business Relevant Eco System External
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Using Technology and Standards to Create Efficiency and Improved Customer Service in the Downstream Fuels Supply Chain by Jamie Boothroyd, Head of Planning, Optimization, and Pricing, BP Fuels, North America

  • Talking About Communication
  • Industry Evolution has Created Complexity and Supply Chain Challenges 
  • From Vertical Integration to Specialization
  • Complexity has been Normalized
  • Tools and Technology have not Enabled Simpler or Better Performance
  • Large Collective Inefficiency within the Supply Chain
  • Standards as an Enabler…
  • To Technology Innovation
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Cross-Enterprise Master Data: A Case Study on Implementing ISO 8000 and PIDX in the Oil & Gas Supply Chain by Chris Welsh, CEO, OFS Portal and James Miller, Customer Success Manager, sparesFinder 

  • Inter-Operability is Our Mission
  • Key Services
  • eCommerce Growth
  • Catalog Requests
  • Problem Statement
  • ISO 8000
  • New Integrations
  • PIDX Standards
  • Catalog Management & Standards
  • Catalog Syndication
  • Proof of Concept
  • POC Demonstration
  • Lessons Learned
  • Our Mission: Inter-Operability
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Making Digital Work for Us by Chandra Yeleshwarapu, Senior Director, Global Services, R&D, Customer Success, Halliburton Landmark

  • Digital Agenda: E&P Business Outcomes
  • Digital Value Shift
  • Information as Wasted Time, Energy, Material Trade-off
  • Digital Dividend & Penalty
  • Digital Twin
  • Factors for Oil & Gas
  • Ripe for Disruption with Standards Leading the Way
  • Example: Drilling Automation
  • Alliances, Partnerships, Ecosystems…
  • E&P and OFS Solving Challenges, Together
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The Role of Data and Standards in our Modernization and Transformation Journey by Andrew Mercer, Director, Solution Architecture Information Technology and Services (IT&S), BP

  • Digitization… the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Impact on World Energy Systems


  • Information and Technology Vision
  • Transformation Levers
  • Role of Standards
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Effectively Managing Terminal Data Through the Use of Standards by Lisa Rotunno, Senior Manager, Global Energy Services, DTN and Paul Lichter, Product Manager, DTN

  • Terminal Data Projects 
  • Terminal Master Data
  • Terminal Account Relationship Example
  • Purpose, Benefits, Scope
  • Terminal Inventory
  • Purpose, Scope
  • Users of the Data
  • Benefits and Other Benefits To Be Considered
  • Criteria for Success
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PIDX Standards and Guidelines Update by Marc Battistello, Senior Technical Director, Baker Hughes, a GE Company and Chair of PIDX Standards and Guidelines Committee

  • PIDX Standards and Guidelines Update – 2018 US Spring Conference
  • 2018 Proposed Projects Scope
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PIDX Ambassador Program by Lynn Taylor, VP Development, Oildex and Chair of PIDX International Business Development Committee

  • The Role
  • The Person
  • The Perks
  • The Support
  • Our Ambassadors
  • Next Steps
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