Welcome, Chris Welsh, PIDX Board Chair

  • Mission & Vision
  • Sustained Upstream Deployment
  • Today
  • Infinite Interconnectivity!
  • Key Issues to Facilitate Interconnectivity
  • Hybrid Future Model
  • Standards in Oil & Gas
  • API Standards in Other Industries
  • Call to Action
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Keynote: Digitalisation & the Impacts on Energy Markets by Dieter Helm, Economist and Professor, University of Oxford

  • Digitization… the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Impact on World Energy Systems
  • Information and Technology Vision
  • Transformation Levers
  • Role of Standards
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Keynote: The Role of Data and Standards in our Modernization and Transformation Journey by Andrew Mercer, Director, Solution Architecture Information Technology and Services (IT&S), BP

  • Digitization… the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Impact on World Energy Systems
  • Information and Technology Vision
  • Transformation Levers
  • Role of Standards
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Machine Learning in the Oil & Gas Supply Chain by Andy Ross, Founder and Principal Consultant, ACT Global Consulting

  • Agenda
  • Machine Learning Concepts
  • Use Case – Accurate Categorization of Supply Chain Data
  • Budget-Based Coding vs. Spend Categorization
  • Current Approaches to Data Classification
  • A Supervised Approach: Data-Driven Hierarchy
  • Key Findings
  • ML Increases Precision of Spend Classification: What vs When
  • Category Optimization: Top-20 Categories
  • Invoice Category Mapping
  • Category Expansion / Improvement
  • Automated ML Benefits
  • Additional Use Cases
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Cross-Enterprise Master Data: A Case Study on Implementing ISO 8000 and PIDX in the Oil & Gas Supply Chain by David Stroud, CEO, sparesFinder 

  • Inter-Operability is Our Mission
  • Key Services
  • eCommerce Growth
  • Catalog Requests
  • Problem Statement
  • ISO 8000
  • New Integrations
  • PIDX Standards
  • Catalog Management & Standards
  • Catalog Syndication
  • Proof of Concept
  • POC Demonstration
  • Lessons Learned
  • Our Mission: Inter-Operability
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What Has Changed? How Digitalization is Changing All Areas of Upstream Oil & Gas by Karl Jeffrey, Editor, Digital Energy Journal 

  • Defining maturity in oil and gas digital technology
  • Basic psychological flaws with people
  • Oil and gas upstream purchasing: what we think a perfect system looks like
  • Oil and gas upstream purchasing – what the business wants
  • Common clashes with oil and gas purchasing
  • Attempt to describe ‘maturity’ in oil and gas purchasing
  • Maintenance: what we think a good “system” looks like
  • Maintenance – what the business needs
  • Logistics – the “perfect system”
  • Mature inventory management
  • Safety: the perfect system
  • Condition monitoring / asset integrity management 
  • Onsite work management
  • My solution: defining MATURITY 
  • Mature use of SENSOR DATA
  • Data management
  • Maturity for the engineering data system 
  • Maturity for production + well management
  • Purchasing for late life / decommissioning
  • Role of machine learning and AI in a mature infrastructure
  • Making the ‘system’ work well
  • What could PIDX do next?
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The Value Proposition for PIDX Membership by Ralph Weimann, Business Delivery Lead Terminal Communication, BP and Chair of PIDX International Membership Committee

  • The Value Proposition for PIDX Membership
  • The Business Case – “PIDX is a resource for your eBusiness team”
  • Developing better ‘industry friendly’ standards through collaboration
  • Networking at PIDX 
  • PIDX’s Anti-Trust Position and its Rules for Collaboration
  • Finally, Why Membership in PIDX?
  • Summary 
  • Current Members
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PIDX Ambassador Program by Lynn Taylor, VP Development, Oildex and Chair of PIDX International Business Development Committee

  • The Role
  • The Person
  • The Perks
  • The Support
  • Our Ambassadors
  • Next Steps
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