June 13, 2017

Doing More With Less: Leveraging Standards in a Lean Organisation 


Cataclysmic Disruptions, Flip Filipowski, CEO, Fluree, PBC

  • Rampant Disruption
  • ‘Expert’ Disruption Forecasts
  • More Forecasting Disasters
  • Computing Moore’s Law
  • PC/Internet/Mobile Phone Industries: Convergence of Exponential Technologies
  • Fifth-generation – 5G
  • 2017 Disruptive Technologies
  • The Seven Ds of Disruption
  • Hacking the Genome
  • 3D Printing of Human Organs
  • Cost of DNA Sequencing
  • My Genome
  • Al the New Electricity
  • Textio
  • Amazon Everyone
  • Alexa & WebOS
  • Echo Show
  • Nanosats
  • Drones
  • Clean Disruption of Energy & Transportation
  • Global Warming
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 ISO 8000 Standardized Technical Specifications, Peter Eales, Consultant, ECCMA

  • Biography
  • What is the Current Situation?
  • Lots of Different Data Types
  • There are Two Approaches for Creating Data
  • Current Process
  • Steps to creating Standardised Data
  • With Both Approaches a Dictionary is at the Core
  • The Data Journey
  • Future Process
  • Data: An Asset Constructed to International Standards
  • Standards are to be reference in contracts
  • ISO 22745 and ISO 8000 are the International Quality Standards
  • ISO 227455 and ISO 8000: How Do They Work Together?
  • ISO 22745 Essentials
  • ISO 8000 Essentials
  • Summary of ISO 22745 and ISO 8000
  • Future Import and Export Process
  • Why You Should Adopt ISO 22745 and ISO 8000
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Standards Extending Value in the Downstream, Paul Lichter, Product Manager, DTN

  • Introduction: DTN Refined Fuels
  • Standards and PIDX Organisation: Why They Are Critical to Success
  • Expected Benefits
  • PIDX Downstream Standards
  • Focus of Examples
  • Common Challenges
  • Overview
  • Rack Pickup
  • Over – Right to Lift Scenario
  • Preorder – Industry Boxes
  • Preorders from Contracts
  • Planned Movement
  • Overview – Planned Movement Scenario
  • Germany Load Id
  • Nonstandard BOLs Translation Support
  • Other Benefits for Common Functionality
  • Downstream Open Projects
  • In Progress
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Data Security in Oil & Gas, Vinnit Patel, Head of Cybersecurity & Risk Consulting, Infosys

  • Biography
  • What We’ll Cover 
  • Cyber Attacks – It Won’t Happen To Us!
  • Hacker Group Anonymous Launches #OpPetrol to Target Global Oil Industry
  • Attacks Aimed at Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)
  • Notable Recent Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Attacks
  • Top 5 Successful Attacks Across All Industries
  • Understanding the 4 Main Threat Actor Types
  • Motivations of Threat Actors
  • Practical Steps to Help Protect Your Data
  • GDPR – An Industry and Geography Agnostic Regulation
  • Prepare for GDPR
  • Establish a GDPR Framework
  • Summary
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A Partial History and “Back to the Future”, Dave Wallis, Retired, OFS Portal LLC

  • In the Beginning, Was the Word
  • EDI – In Our Industry
  • The Dot-Com Boom 
  • The Industry Recognises the Potential of XML, but Rather Late
  • PIDX’s ‘Comproserv’ Project is Conceived
  • The Best Broad-Based Industry Group that Saw From 2000-2014
  • Changing Focus of O & G Standards Development
  • Taxonomy & Classification
  • API Fall Out of Love with PIDX
  • PIDX Volunteers Go To the Ends of the Earth to Spread the Word
  • Evolution of Related Logos
  • Milestone of 2008
  • Briefly, A Few Others Notables
  • What Did I Take Away From My Time Associated with PIDX
  • So If This Presentation is Repeated in 2022 What Will PIDX Have Achieved, Or What Should They Have Achieved
  • Improve Membership Base
  • Should PIDX Be Looking Deeply at ‘Blockchain’
  • Other Items Which Should Be Completed Or Looked Into
  • Summary
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Water Hauling and Blockchain, Bruno Grieder, CTO, Amalto Technologies Corporation

  • Improving Water Hauling in the US O & G
  • Amalto Technologies the O2C Company
  • US Shale Plays Map
  • 20 Billiom Barrels of Water From 1.6 Million Wells
  • A Very Active but Low Tech Industry
  • A Poorly Optimized Process
  • Largely Manual and Paper Based Order-To-Cash
  • Connecting All Stakeholders and Assets to a Distributed Cloud Platform
  • ONDIFLO Solution: from SR to FTKT
  • IOT Platform (Thingworx from PTC)
  • Node (E-BC From Amalto)
  • ONDIFLO Solution: From FTKT to Payment
  • All Stakeholders Share a Distributed Ledger but Transactions are Private-Permissioned Blockchain
  • Why Blockchain Makes Sense in This Case
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