June 9-10, 2016 

Address eBusiness Opportunities to Cross the Supplier and Buyer Threshold – A Costly and Unnecessary Boundary Program


Keynote Address:  B2B Gold Rush – A Look Back

Steve Green, Global Account Executive, Weatherford

The Presenter shares a historical perspective of the first wave of E-Commerce in Oil & Gas and some of the memorable stumbles and successes along the way.


  1. To understand the original motivations for introducing B2B
  2. How the race to implement skipped technology and process
  3. The truth behind the business model
  4. Advice for the players in the next wave
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EBusiness Programs

Darryl Gate, VP Client Services, Cortex

eBusiness is providing us the tools required to manage the commerce process in a cost-efficient manner. More importantly, eBusiness needs to equally benefit both the Buyer and the Supplier for it to truly be adopted. Although the focus now is on cost, eventually, when the commodity recovers, we will see organizations needing to scale-up quickly. By introducing eBusiness solutions today, Buyers and Suppliers not only ensure they can manage in today’s environment but can also do more with less tomorrow. 


  1. How can you maximize existing investment in your ERP, vendor relationships and human resources to do more?
  2. What does the future look like for eBusiness: is it a solution that benefits both the Buyer and the Supplier?
  3. How can eCommerce companies leverage their accumulated knowledge from the past 15 years to help you find better opportunities in Oil and Gas tomorrow?
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The New PIDX International Dictionary Management Application

James McDermott, Vice President Marketing, sparesFinder

Overview of the new PIDD Management Application


  1. How to access the application
  2. Why it may benefit the session attendees
  3. How to find out more about gaining access
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E-Commerce: Automated Price Validation


Monica White, Global E-Commerce Integration Manager, Weatherford

Price Books – A Closer to Gaps


  1. Introduction to theory
  2. Adoption of eBilling
  3. Adoption of Price Validation
  4. Review of buyer-supplier submission process
  5. Root cause of analysis
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Business Process Field Ticket Project Overview

James Thompson, Business Process Consultant, ConocoPhillips

The content of the presentation will provide an overview of the Business Process Group Field Ticket project. The goal of project was to gain adoption of the PIDX Field Ticket Schema by providing a best practice overview of the field ticket process for operators and suppliers in the upstream oil and gas industry. This would allow the ability for Operators, Suppliers, and Marketplaces to successfully integrate field ticket data points into the PIDX Field Ticket Schema, along with driving mobile technology in the industry.


  1. Field Ticket Overview
  2. Key Finding and Recommendations
  3. Next Steps
  4. ConocoPhillips Initiatives
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