The Human Side of Standardization, Peggy Montana, Director, Shell Midstream Partners 

  • My Experience
  • Benefits of Standardization
  • “Frictionless” Commerce is Key

  • Standards Change
  • Reactions Vary 
  • Why Do Technology Projects Fail?
  • Change Management is Key
  • Business Context –Shell Adapting to Changing World
  • The Case for Change
  • Operational Excellence
  • What’s the Status of your Processes?

  • Get People Ready for the Change
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 Standards and Guidelines Update, Marc Battistello, IT Commercial Leader, GE Oil & Gas

  • S&G Updates – Fall Conference
  • S&G Scorecard
  • Standards Development
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Savings Through Standardization by Elena Dumitrascu, Cortex Business Solutions and Louis Hendricks, Global Value Web

  • The Future of Technology
  • That Future is Now
  • PIDX Industry Standards
  • Unlocking Opportunity
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Taking the Lead in Oil & Gas Supply Chain Transformation, Chris Welsh, CEO, OFS Portal 

  • OFS Portal Mission
  • Strategic Goals 
  • Focus on the Operators P2P Process
  • Legal Framework
  • PIDX is Key to Our Framework
  • Where Members Transact
  • Growth in the Use of PIDX
  • 260+ Operators Including NOC’s
  • Oil & Gas eCommerce is Complex
  • Increasing Complexity for Suppliers
  • Current P2P Environment
  • 5 Years Growth
  • The Time is Right for Supplier O2C Networks
  • O2C &P2P Environment
  • What are We Faced with in O&G?
  • PIDX is Global 
  • Future Less 3rd Party Transactions
  • PEPPOL 4-Corner Transport Model
  • The Main Components of the PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure
  • Interoperability Framework also used by Australia
  • Cyber-Security and Guaranteed Delivery
  • Guidance for PIDX
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PIDX – The Next Decade: Addressing Lower for Longer by Roger Bhalla, Manager Supply Chain Strategy & Technology, Global Contracts & Services, ConocoPhillips

  • The PIDX Mission
  • A Little History
  • PIDX Graduates
  • As PIDX turns 30, now what?
  • Forward Focus for PIDX
  • Following in the Footsteps
  • Potential PIDX Opportunities
  • Auto Quote-to-Requisition Standard
  • IoT Enabled Smart Assets
  • “Light” Master Data
  • Operationalize “Factory Oil Field” Standardization
  • Closing
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